Product Quality:

  • Product is meeting 99.9 % Quality Parameters w.r.t. specification in


  • Potency of drug (Tested in Govt. Approved Testing Laboratories. Certificate of Analysis can be available on demand for all products)
  • Product Description
  • Physical Attributes of Product like hardness, thickness, colour, odour etc.
  • Product is meeting 99.9 % Packing Parameters w.r.t. specification


  • Govt. Regulatory Body Compliance
  • Label Claim as per Product strength
  • Best Quality board carton, Label and aluminium foil for tablets.
  • Product Stability:


  • 99.9 % Assurance of Product Potency up to its Expiry.
  • (Routine Monitoring of Products on Stability study at 30°C temperature / 75% Relative Humidity)


  • All Products are sold at Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and having no hidden or extra charges.
  • MRP of All products is under NPPA (Govt. Pricing Agency) and are 100 % complying with the same. So no Extra MRP is here.

Costumer Care:

  • Any Costumer can reach us at +91-9318025344 and our costumer care executives will respond to the concerned immediately.
  • Costumer can drop complaint, feedback, Fake issue on our website
  • Routine Surveys w.r.t. Product Quality are also done by our Marketing Executives.


Company is Committed to spend its 5% Profit on human values.

  1. As the company’s Name denotes, we have initiated to grow more and more trees and other green bodies. We Strongly instructed to our staff and management to minimize the papers use.
  2. We have targeted to set up welfare fund to specially girl child (Such as Girls Birth expenses, Education, Clothing, employment and financing during marriage). Preference will be given to rural areas. We ultimately we want that A Girl never be a Burden for her parents.
  3. Company is also planning to open old age homes. This will be rural based programme.